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Yoltrund is a suspense story-based maze RPG with horror elements. Based on the story Yoltrund: The World of Eternal Woe written by the game's lead designer in 2014, the game features unique content and characters and mechanics that change the story as the player progresses, making each decision impact the game in different ways.

Yoltrund is currently in Early Access on Steam as of January 31, 2018 and developed by Michael Cox of Templarius Studios. Length of development has not been fully specified, but the studio has gone on record stating that the game will be expected to be finished by Fall 2018 or early 2019.

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This Wiki will contain all resources of the game from lore to different scenes. While use of the maps provided is available, it is discouraged to allow full experience of the game.



Realms of Yoltrund
The VoidThe Tunnel of SorrowRiver KeterKurldehvParforiahHekehldahrUpper NekariinNether NekariinHorohktahlValkahei

The LostThe FilthyThe PridefulThe Lustful of FleshThe Lustful of ValueThe RapistsThe TraitorsThe InnocentThe Branded


Persons of interest
Soulless OneThe MasterKalenorNavarehGregorovicArylosAnoron


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